The $LIMOi token
Liquid Monsters NFT Index
Ticker: $LIMO Contract Address: 0x79534DedaE71b7b672Fc997b4a77748AE5fdF5AD Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Max supply: 666,000 LIMO
LIMO is Liquid Monsters NFTi. You need $LIMO tokens to collect Liquid Monsters NFTs and also to provide liquidity and yield.

LIMO token properties

LIMO emission & distribution
All $LIMO tokens will be minted at launch and will be distributed as follows:
  • Initial sale: 50% (333,000 LIMO tokens)
  • Liquidity: 10% (66,600 LIMO tokens)
  • Initial stake/yield rewards: 15% (99,900 LIMO tokens)
  • Marketing: 10% (66,600 LIMO tokens)
  • Team: 15% (99,900 LIMO tokens)
What happens once the initial stake/yield rewards are distributed? LIMO rewards will continue thanks to the use of the platform fees.
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