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Liquid Collectibles (LICO) - The first platform on BNB Chain for creating NFTs liquid markets
Liquid Collectibles offers projects the possibility to create BEP-20 tokens that are backed by NFTs. These tokens are called NFT Indexes (NFTi) and can be traded in websites like ApeSwap same as any other BEP-20 token.
Liquid Collectibles benefits for users:
  • LP staking of NFTi to earn yield rewards
  • Instantly buying/selling NFTs
  • Better price discovery
  • Increased liquidity

Key Project Information

Smart Contracts
  • $LICO token: 0x4f3266a56589357b4f8082918b14b923693e57f0
  • $LIMOi token: 0x79534dedae71b7b672fc997b4a77748ae5fdf5ad
  • Master Chef: 0x25eF2439ee92552B6f58463394E66D289F9e7b7C
  • Public Sale: 0x34DcA727049d2C40Cdc06e011957db272A3C963a
Initial Liquidity
Vesting sent:
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