What is $LICO?

$LICO is Liquid Collectibles' native currency. It's a BEP-20 governance token that's also used to incentivize liquidity.
Token address: 0x4F3266a56589357B4f8082918b14B923693e57f0
LICO is also Liquid Collectibles' short name 😎
For more information about the $LICO token check this.

How do I buy $LICO or NFTi tokens?

You can buy $LICO and NFTi tokens on app.apeswap.finance. If you want to buy NFT indexes, then make sure to click "manage", then activate the LICO index list to see all our index tokens.

What is the slippage for $LICO and $NFTi tokens?

You don't need to set a specific slippage for trading NFTi and $LICO. However, make sure slippage is not much higher than 0.5% so that you won't be worrying about front-run bots.

What is the emission rate for $LICO and $LIMOi?

If you want to learn more about tokenomics of $LICO and $LIMOi, please follow these links:

Are you audited?

Yes, we were audited by HashEx. You can read the audit report here.

Who is behind Liquid Collectibles?

We have decided to remain anonymous but here you have a brief description about our exceptional team πŸ†


ApeGuru πŸ’ Product & Business Development - ApeSwap.finance co-founder 🐡
Aqua Girl πŸ’§ Finance & Analytics - Funds are safu. NFTs shopaholic.
The Collector πŸƒ Marketing & Community. Passionate about NFTs.
Super Liquid 🌊 UI/UX - The master behind our brand designs. Future NFT artist. Also known as IM$ at ApeSwap.

Core team

Heilig Leknud Marketing Manager Vasudeva Govinda Full Stack Dev
Retroboy Front-End Dev Gerard BizDev Manager Dehuffski BizDev Gina UI/UX
Ron Swanson Design & Copy
Melted Boy Design & Copy

Community team

Efe Scam Hunter Serhat Kingsley Ellise Shadowlord
We are hiring πŸ’Ό If you're interested in working with us please send your resume to [email protected]

Contract addresses?

$LICO token: 0x4f3266a56589357b4f8082918b14b923693e57f0 $LIMOi token: 0x79534dedae71b7b672fc997b4a77748ae5fdf5ad Master Chef: 0x25eF2439ee92552B6f58463394E66D289F9e7b7C Public Sale: 0x34DcA727049d2C40Cdc06e011957db272A3C963a

Does Liquid Collectibles charge any fees?

Fees are an important part of tokenomics and are essential to the success of the platform. These are the fees we charge:
5% Tokenizing fee 4% Yield deposit fee (Non-core yields only) 5% Target collect fee

Where can I check $LICO and $LIMOi prices?

$LICO | Bogged Finance and Poocoin​
$LIMOi | Bogged Finance and Poocoin​

Where can I find info about tokenomics?

Info about $LICO here​
Info about $LIMOi here​

Can I get rewards for using Liquid Collectibles?

Yes. To incentivize more liquidity, we use the platform fees to reward anyone staking LP on our website with NFTi; we also reward users with $LICO tokens. E.g., Imagine you get some $NFAi (Non-Fungible Apes NFT index) build LP tokens, and you stake them in our yield section; by doing so, you'll be getting rewards in every block in the form of $NFAi and $LICO tokens 🀀

What's the difference between stake and yield?

Staking: Single asset staking, you don't need to add liquidity in order to deposit your tokens on the Staking page.
Yielding: In order to yield you need to first provide liquidity and then deposit your LP tokens on the Yields page.

How can I stake?

  1. 1.
    Go to the Staking page,
  2. 2.
    approve the contract (if you haven't already),
  3. 3.
    click the plus sign (+) button,
  4. 4.
    choose the amount you want to stake, and
  5. 5.

How can I yield?

To yield you'll have to:
  1. 1.
    Choose the yield pool you want to participate in,
  2. 2.
    add liquidity through ApeSwap, you'll get pool tokens (LP),
  3. 3.
    back in Liquid Collectibles' yield page,
    • click "Approve contract" (if you haven't already),
    • click "Stake LP",
    • choose the amount you want to stake, and
    • confirm
For more information about how to add liquidity and yield check these: How to add liquidity on ApeSwap How to yield with LP tokens​

Can I earn NFTs by staking $LICO?

You cannot earn NFTs directly by staking $LICO. However, you can get NFTi tokens, and once you get 105 of these NFTi tokens, you can buy an NFT with them.

When will you add more staking pools?

Since each pool is linked to a collection, new ones are usually added when listings take place. Join us on Telegram (Main group / News channel) and follow us on Twitter to be among the first ones to know.

What's the price of minting a Liquid Monster?

Liquid Monsters are all minted, still, you can get a Liquid Monster at liquidcollectibles.io for 105 $LIMOi or the equivalent in $BNB.

How can I tokenize my NFT?

Where can I follow the announcements?

You can follow our Twitter account and join our Telegram announcement channel to stay up to date with the latest LiquidCollectibles news!
Check out our twitter at https://twitter.com/liqcollectibles Join our Telegram announcement channel https://t.me/liquidcollectiblesnews​