Benefits for everyone


Collectors can tokenize their NFT to get the NFT Index (NFTi) and take advantage of the benefits offered by the DeFi space.
❌ Without Liquid Collectibles: #HODL NFT in a wallet, no yield rewards. ✔️ With Liquid Collectibles: Tokenize your NFT to NFTi, earn yield rewards, stake.


No more worries about illiquidity and price setting, with Liquid Collectibles speculating and trading in the NFT market it's much easier.
❌ Without Liquid Collectibles: More difficulties setting a price, wait for a buyer in order to sell. ✔️ With Liquid Collectibles: NFTs liquid markets access (instantly sell) & better price tracking.

Content Creators

As a content creator you can benefit from launching on the Liquid Collectibles protocol through:
  • Protocol fees
  • NFTs distribution in AMM (through NFTi)
  • Greater reach
  • Instantly liquid markets
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